Improving the air quality

of our homes

With our homes becoming more airtight and our furnishings becoming a greater source of off gassing chemicals, improving the air quality of our homes is becoming more important. Pollutants exist all around us both indoors and outdoors. As this poor quality air is circulated in our homes the quality of life is also lowered, so much so that the process has been recently called ‘sick building syndrome’. What could be more attractive than a beautiful, living installation that removes volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), carbon monoxide and other harmful gases around your home?

The antidote

to sick building syndrome

Living walls in your home create a natural environment which contribute to the overall health of you and your family. They can be designed to include flowering tropical plants, lush greenery or even edible plants.
Any tropical plant can be placed in a living wall, but NASA has produced a list of 15 plants that are extremely efficient in cleaning air. We always include some of NASA’s list to each living wall, as well as those chosen by our clients.
We are adept at integrating living walls into any interior design motif, and are comfortable working with designer / architects or homeowners.

Provide a healthier,

handsomer and happy environment.

Another advantage of installing a green wall in your home is the insulating qualities it provides. The wall will be kept cool in the summer and warmer in the winter reducing the stress on your heating and cooling systems. The larger the living wall, the more effective the savings. The physical demands of a plantscape are very few, as the three elements they always need are water, electricity and a wall to hang on. We pride ourselves on getting the right plant, in the right space, in the right way. Expertise is needed to make sure that the hydroponic, aquaponic or soil based wall that you choose will thrive in the conditions you place it in. Light, heat and humidity all play a part in a beautiful, living wall and we can help you build one.

Installing a living wall in your home is a great way to provide a healthier, handsomer and happy environment. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?


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