A powerful lesson in

an unforgettable way.

Installing a living wall by Vertical Oxygen in your school, college, library or science centre is not just about creating cleaner air or reducing pollutants, though they will do a great job of that. A green wall in an academic setting is an opportunity to teach your students a powerful lesson in an unforgettable way. There are so many different lessons that can be learned from your living wall, in so many different disciplines, that makes a low maintenance, low running cost, custom designed green wall a great investment.


by living.

Students learn best with a ‘hands on’ approach. By being actively involved in the planning, planting and nurturing of a living wall they can see the impact of an eco-system in a real life application. They can also learn sustainable living, healthy eating with an edible green wall or scientific processes such as osmosis and photosynthesis from studying a living wall. The custom designed aquaponic wall needs nurturing which teaches soft skills for younger students such as responsibility, providing care and sharing. Your living wall can provide many teaching moments from the moment it is installed for many generations of students.

A great teaching aid for classes

whilst being easy to maintain.

The aquaponic living wall is a great teaching aid for classes whilst being easy to maintain. The plants in a hydroponic system require a nutrient rich water for irrigation which is typically an organic liquid fertilizer. Unlike a hydroponic unit, the aquaponic living wall has a fish tank at the base which produces the nutrient rich water to sustain and help the plants thrive. The water flows from tank to living wall in a closed loop cycle. This complete ecosystem is an easy and interesting way to teach different principles to children.
At Vertical Oxygen we can provide a teaching module in either French or English to help teaching professionals make the most of their living wall.