Nathalie Callede

Vertical Oxygen is the brainchild of principal, Nathalie Callede. After spending seven cold winters in western Canada, her thoughts harkened back to the days of her childhood in Africa. For thirteen years she explored the beautiful natural tropical landscape of Africa and developed a lifelong love of plants. She spent several years travelling in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Hawaii discovering the beauty of the natural world. Her passion for ethno botanicals led her to study at the “Ecoles de Plantes” school in Paris, she was a student of François Couplan the ethnobotanical world specialist. Nathalie is a LEED AP, an interior landscape designer, and a member of the Green Roof for Healthy Cities. She has a strong belief in building a better sustainable world for our children.

Tim Suddaby


Tim is the chief designer and construction manager at Vertical Oxygen. He spent his childhood discovering the forests, meadows, rivers and lakes of the lower mainland in BC. Suddaby has over 20 years experience building high performance homes and designing and installing renewable energy systems.

“Living walls work so well at cleaning air, capturing airborne chemicals and providing humidity that they should be a no brainer in any public space as good health begins with the air we breathe.” – Tim Suddaby

Environmental Policies


At Vertical Oxygen we take our responsibility to the earth very seriously. We take the following steps to ensure that our footprint is as minimal as it can be;