Healthy Air


Plants in a living wall absorb and remove VOCs. They also remove CO2 from the air and emit oxygen. A plant filtered room can have up to 60% less airborne microbes than your standard room with no plants.

Off-gassing of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is taking place in our homes, and businesses, schools, and stores. VOC’s come from carpets, paints, upholstery, insulation, copiers, scanners and countless other common products. Constant exposure to poor air quality can cause a number of health problems. A living wall will alleviate the risks associated with VOCs, and give your space an added boost of oxygen and humidity at the same time.

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Healthy Mind

The psychological benefits of plants have been recognized for many years yet it is only recently that studies have quantified the benefits. These studies show that stress reductions and increased performance of college students and office workers by up to 12% are achieved from the installation of interior landscapes. Plants have also been shown to increase feelings of wellness and speed up the recovery of hospital patients. A living wall adds a serene feeling of nature which harkens back to spring and summer, it is this feeling of life that lifts the spirits. Researchers have begun to treat SAD patients (affecting up to 26% of the population) with living walls. The combination of light and nature brings back the feeling of the warmer months.

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Healthy Food

Edible living walls supply nutritional organic foods year round including herbs, some fruits, vegetables, and even fish when integrated with an aquarium. Tropical perennial edible plants are a great source of nutrition while the soil outside is frozen. Vertical gardening can turn your unproductive wall space into natures living pantry.

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