Commercial Green

is the new black.

Your employees spend the majority of their days at work being productive. Recent research has shown that by simply introducing plants into the workspace you can boost employee productivity by 15%. By bringing the outside in, your company can increase more than just your productivity, employee satisfaction provides key stability.

Love the space

you work in.

A custom designed living wall can fill an empty space with colour or create a dramatic impact where you need to add emphasis. Your building can become alive with a living décor that provides an aesthetically pleasing place to work in, but if you also place them strategically you can construct areas of privacy or intimacy that give your workers respite from the stress of the work day. With the low maintenance they require and the choice of plants available, your green wall can be anything you want it to be – it can even provide fresh produce for your company lunch room.

Beautiful and improved

working atmospheres.


At Vertical Oxygen we design and build green walls that not only look beautiful, but that provide an improved work atmosphere for your company. Each plant species is carefully chosen to improve the air quality and improve the interior view for all staff. Your employees’ health is directly related to the air they breathe and the day to day office atmosphere.

Green walls can also provide a layer of natural insulation on walls so that they need less heating or cooling when the weather changes. They limit thermal fluctuations, reduce noise, mitigate pollution and lower extreme temperatures through the use of photosynthesis, trapping particle matter and capturing gases. Installing a green wall in your company building is chance to change the quality of the place your employees work in, increase your productivity, but most of all create an atmosphere they want to be in.

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